A Planetarium short film for ''One Sky'' collection.
One Sky is a collection of beautiful shorts films about constellations, astronomical instruments and scientific knowledge from various cultures around the world. 
Each short film represents the perspective of differents cultures or Indigenous societies from around the globe. Each film stands alone as a short story or in combination as a longer narrative – organized around themes of "Finding Patterns" and developing tools, or as we say, "To Seek Far."

Hear from a Hawaiian navigator as she describes how the sky provides a compass and calendar for the oceanic people whose voyages connected islands throughout the Pacific Ocean.

A Sébastien Gauthier 360 production in collaboration with One Sky Project.
My roles on the project : Co-Director, Art Director, Storyboard, Design, Modeling, Animation and Compositing in ''Hawaiian Wayfinders''.
''Best 2D film'' award at the Brno 2022 festival, Czech Republic 

''Best Science and Education Film'' award at the Jena Fulldome Festival, Germany
This movie is available for free. 
For more details, please visit https://www.oneskyproject.org

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